Castor Association of America

Standing Rules

The Standing Rules of the Castor Association of America are set forth to define the details of the administration of the association. They may be changed as the need arises by a majority of the executive board at the yearly meeting or by written ballot at those times between meetings.
  1. The officers shall maintain files of correspondence, genealogical information, membership applications, and other association matters, which shall be turned over to the Castor Association archives at the end of the term of office.
  2. The president shall make an annual report in writing to Board concerning all aspects of association business to be published in the newsletter.
  3. The vice president shall be in charge of membership and shall actively recruit new members to the association. This officer shall be responsible for providing the mailing labels for each issue of the News to the publication manager, and shall be responsible for publishing a membership directory in June of each year to be sent to the members. An update of all new members and changes of address shall be sent to all officers in a timely manner.
  4. The treasurer or the president may open an account in the name of the Castor Association of America at a bank with the signature card bearing the names of the treasurer, president and one other board member. The treasurer shall collect and deposit all membership dues and forward the membership application and any genealogical information to the archive coordinator. All bills shall be paid upon receiving a receipt or invoice and approval from the president. A yearly accounting report of income and expenses shall be made to the president, who will include copies of the report in the yearly report to officers. The treasurer will send a prepayment check of up to 90% of the estimated cost of printing each publication to the publications manager before each issue is printed.
  5. The name of the quarterly newsletter shall be the News Caster and shall be mailed to all members in a timely manner. The editor, upon approval of the president, shall donate the News Caster and other publications of the Castor Association to various libraries and individuals
  6. The Gaylord B. Castor Memorial Fund shall be funded by donations of association Members and friends and all interest earned on the principal shall be used for genealogical research.
  7. The revolving publication fund shall be set up with the money held in escrow for publication of Castor Association material. The proceeds of publication shall be returned to the fund for future use.
  8. There shall be at least two sets of all Castor Association genealogical files (both paper and computer) to be held by the president and/or vice president and the archive coordinator.
  9. The publication manager shall be appointed by the editor and will take the copy of the News Caster and have it printed, assembled and mailed. The publication manager will also be in charge of handling the sale and mailing of back issues of the News Caster.
  10. The librarian shall be appointed by the president, who will maintain and run the Castor lending library. The librarian will make recommendations to the board of materials to add to the library on a yearly basis as the budget allows.
  11. The publicity chair shall be appointed by the president and will promote the association on a yearly basis to all newspaper genealogy columns, and various other publications as the budget permits.
  12. The treasurer along with the president shall make up an annual budget to be approved by the board. The budget shall be presented to the membership in the first issue of the News each year.
  13. The membership list and mailing list may not be given out nor sold to non-members or other organizations without the approval of the board. Association members may not use the membership directory information for personal gain.
  14. An internal audit of the vice president and treasurer's records shall be performed every two years in January of the even numbered year by a member knowledgeable in accounting.
  15. The Board is responsible for establishing membership dues. Dues to be $20.00 the first year and the News Caster and membership directory.
Renewal dues per year shall be: