Castor Association of America


New members will receive a welcome letter from the President and 4 issues of The News Caster published in the year they join. The News Caster is published quarterly by the CAOA. It is filled with stories submitted by members and other sources. It also brings fresh news of the organization and unfolding discoveries along with articles providing genealogical information.

The CAOA provides two mailing lists. Eager Beavers is a private forum allowing members to communicate with other members. We are also developing a forum so you can communicate with members by email or on the members' only page on the CAOA website.

Membership Benefits:

To join the Castor Association by mail, download the forms or print and fill them out. Mail them to the address below.

To Renew your CAOA membership by mail, download the forms or print and fill them out. Mail to the address below.

Make a Check or Money Order (please No Cash) payable to:
The Castor Association of America.
Yearly Membership Fee covers full benefits for members. If you wish to receive the newsletter in hardcopy format please include an additional $5.

You can submit the forms above by mail to the address below, or
Join or Renew Online.

Mail check to:

The Castor Association of America
Edward Castor,V.P.
2122 E. Broadwau
Logansport, IN 46947