Castor Association of America

CAOA Library Index of Missing Books

Do you think you may have borrowed a book but can't remember, let the Librarian know. We really would like to locate and bring all our books back to the library so that others can do their research. Our books are valuable and irreplaceable and when they are lost, the loss stops all members from enjoying and finding the information that may help them find their links.

Title Status
The Bedburg-Kaster Rheinische Kunststatten Serries, by Ludwig Theissen (1957), 19 pages. Missing
Custer Genealogy, Genealogy of General Custer With Diagram Of Custer Family Plot In Historic Woodland Cemetery In Monroe, Michigan. Missing
Descendancy Chart Of Frederick Keister (1730) and Hannah (Dyer) Keister (1735) Missing
The E. H. Casters, by Agnes Preston Caster. Missing
Federal Population Censuses (1790-1890), by the National Archives Trust Fund Board (1979); a catalog of microfilm copies of the schedules, 90 pages. Missing
Genealogical Records In the National Archives. Twenty (20) page pamphlet. Missing
The Gerster/Castor Family Homeland Tour, August 21-September 6, 1987, by N. Stephen Castor, 25 pages. Missing
The Great Rebellion -A Kiester Family Chronicle, by Emma LaRue Kiester Holtz (1988), 49 pages. Missing
The Grund und Lager Buch [The Ground and Lot Book), 109 pages. A photocopy of the English translation of the German and Latin records kept by Francis Daniel Pastorius of the early Germantown, Pennsylvania land transactions. Missing
Guide To Genealogical Research In the National Archives, and Records Service (1982), 304 pages. Missing
History of Steuben County, New York (County of Ontario), compiled by Jim Fenner (1991). Contains genealogical records of early settlement of the County, 49 pages. Missing
History Of the Walter and Keister Descendants, by W. C. Walter (1936), 166 pages Missing
Indiana Genealogical Resources and Library Survey, by Jean M. White, 141 pages. Missing
John Castor/de Castorer Of New York, and Descendants, Castor Association Notebook. Missing
The Keister Family Records Of the New River Settlement, compiled by John Taylor Keister (1946). Missing
Kuster-Custer Family, from files of Joseph and Beverly Worthington. Missing
Lest We Forget - A Guide To Genealogical Research In the Nation's Capitol, by June Andrew Babbel, revised (1976), 135 pages. Missing
Lives and Letters From Kiester House, by Donna Kiester Gibson (1987), 184 pages. Missing
Maps Of Preble County, Ohio, 1858-1940, Preble County Historical Society, 329 pages. Missing
Matheny-Gucciardo and Allied Families, by Delores Matheny Gucciardo, 3rd edition (1983). Missing
Mathews-Utter-Kester Genealogy, compiled by Harriet Evelyn Wallace (1988), 52 pages. Missing
The "McKinney Maze" , Newsletters of the McKinney Family Association Missing
More Koester Cousins, by Marjorie M. Rector (1975), 53 pages. Missing
Mount Pleasant and the Early Quakers Of Ohio, by James L. Burke and Donald E. Bensch. Missing
Napoleon and Vicinity (Indiana) - 1820 Sesquicentennial, 1970 Historical Souvenir, 206 pages. Missing
Nebraska, 1854-1925, by Sylvia Nimmo. Map showing county boundaries of Nebraska. Missing
North Carolina County Records On Microfilm, a pamphlet listing the microfilm that is available at the Clayton Library in Houston, Texas. Missing
Notes From the Society Of Friends On Quaker Records, Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 19107. Missing
New Jersey From Colony To State, 1609-1789, by Richard McCormick (1964), 191 pages. Missing
O'Toole's Obediant Orb, by Gaylord B. Castor. Missing
Paulas Kusters From Kaldenkirchen and His Ancestor (1954), by William Niepoth, translated by Guido Kusters. Missing
Paulus.1 File - Arnold/Aret Kuster (1669-1739), Castor Association Of America. Missing
Pennsylvania Records and Notes, Three (3) pages of notes taken from Pennsylvania files. Missing
Pioneers Of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1788-1800, by Robert D. Ilisevich (1985), 47 pages. Missing
"Platte Valley, Nebraska Books, Gifts, and Genealogical Supplies", a (January, 1982) catalog. Missing
Publications Of the Pennsylvania German Society, Volume III (1970), 179 pages. Missing
Seven Marstellers And Their Lineal Descendants, by John Andrew Thompson Marsteller (1938), 32 pages. Missing
Some Caster/Castor Genealogies, Castor Family Association (1985) Missing
Tobias Custer and Descendants, Castor Association Notebook, 52 pages. Missing
Tobias Kuster Descendants, compiled by Garry L. Custer (1992), 219 pages. Missing
Vom Rhein zum Delaware, Krefelder grundeten, 1683, Germantown [From the Rhine To the Deleware, Krefelders Found Germantown In 1683], by Ernest Koppen (1983), 82 pages (in German). Missing
Windber-Johnstown Area Genealogical Society Newsletters (August, 1889 and November, 1989). Missing