Castor Association of America

Tenessee County Records On Microfilm, Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research, Houston Public Library, 26 pagesAvailable
“Timeline”, (August-September, 1990). A publication of the Ohio Historical Society which contains “Custer’s Civil War”, by Stephen E. Ambrose (16 pages) and “Our Brother Tom, Thomas W. Custer”, by Frank Levstik (8 pages). These articles feature several excellent photographs.Available
Timesaving Aid To Virginia - West Virginia Ancestors, by P. G. Wardell (1985), 170 pages.Available
Theodore Castor (1836-1920); an autobiographical record (Dec 1987) by Roderic E. Castor, a great grandson.Available
Thomas Jefferson - an Intimate History (1974); by Fawn M. Brodie, 594 pages.Available
Tobias Custer/Custard File, Castor Association, 7 pages.Available
"Tobias Kuster Descendants", compiled by Garry L. CusterAvailable
Trans-Allegheny Pioneers (1988); Historical sketches of the first white settlements west of the Alleghenies - 1748 and after, by John P. Hale, 339 pages.Available