Castor Association of America

Paulus Kusters and Descendants Of His Son, Hermanus Kuster, Castor Association Notebook.Available
Paulus.1 File; Arnold/Aret Kuster (1669-1739); 12 pages.Available
Paulus Kusters From Kaldenkirchen and His Ancestry, by Wilhelm Niepoth, translated by Guido Kusters.Missing
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol IX, Number 3 (July 1986); a quarterly magazine of the ancaster Mennonite Historical Society.Available
Pennsylvania Records and Notes (1987), (from Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses).Available
Pioneer Life In Dayton and Vicinity (1796-1840), by John F. Edgar (1896); 293 pages.Available
Pioneers Of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 1788-1800; edited by Robert D. Ilisevich; published by Heritage Books, Inc. (1985); 47 pages.Available
Platte Valley Books, Gifts and Genealogical Supplies - Your Midwest House For Research; Catalog #4 (Jan 1982);Available
The Pound and Kester Families, (1904) compiled by John E. Hunt. An account of the ancestry of John Pound (born in 1735) and William Kester (born in 1732); a genealogical record of all their descendants and other family historical matters.Missing
Prairie Baptist Cemetary Records, (1973) compiled by Lucille Roudebush for Mrs. Jack Brown and Charles Scholer. Location: Wayne Twp., E. 206th St. and Prairie Baptist Rd., west of the church. Several Caster/Castors are burried in this cemetary.Available
Prebble’s Pride (1994-1996), quarterly publication by the Preble County (OH) Genealogical Society, 301 N. Barron St., Eaton, Ohio 45320Available
Publications From the National ArchivesAvailable
Publications Of the Pennsylvania German Society, Vol VII: 1973, 299 pages.Available