Castor Association of America

Welcome to the Caster Association of America Library The books in the library are available for CAOA Members to check out and enjoy.

Requesting library books
  • Library Books are available to members only.
  • Books are to be returned to CAOA 3 weeks after receiving them.
  • An initial deposit of $25.00 is required before they are sent to you.
  • When the Treasurer receives your deposit and request, he will forward it to the CAOA Librarian after he verifies your membership status is current.
  • The cost of shipping the books will be deducted from your deposit.
  • You may request a refund of your remaining deposit at any time or leave it until you wish to order another book. Please list the order in which you would like to receive the books.
  • Books will be sent out on a first requested - first sent basis.
  • Only one (1) book will be sent at a time. The remaining books will follow as each borrowed book is received by the Library.
  • Please feel free to email the CAOA Librarian
  • Make Checks or Money Orders (please No Cash) payable to The Castor Association of America. Send the book request with Check/Money Order to the Treasurer.

    Other Books
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