Castor Association of America

Famlies finding families through DNA

The Project History:

The CAOA members began their journey searching for ancestors in the late 1970's. The results from the research established 200+ different men as the oldest known ancestor for their lines. The paper trail evidence tying these men to each other has not been found. In some cases circumstantial evidence suggests a tie to another line while in other cases there is not enough to say "Yes, this man's parents are . . . "

The project goals:
  • Identify Ancestors by DNA Groups (Haplogroup)and then by DNA Types (Haplotypes)
  • Compare the results against the documentation that exists
  • Do further research to link together family lines within the same Haplotype
  • Break down brick walls
  • Confirm the existing documentation in the archives. (Any person male or female who is interested in helping to further the project goals can join the project.)
  • Males: Those eligible for DNA testing must be a direct descendant of an ancestor who has a variation of the Castor-Kuster surname.
  • Females: Although females do not have the required y chromosome for testing, they can still participate. If you are a Castor-Kuster descendant or a relative of a Castor-Kuster descendant, find a direct descendant male relative willing to be tested.
  • Everyone: Provide an ancestor chart as far back as possible.
  • Everyone: Volunteer to help with the project by contacting the project coordinator, who has plenty of jobs that need to be done.
Haplog Test Results:
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Obtaining a Test Kit.
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Understanding DNA
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Are We Related?

The CAOA DNA Project is open to any person who is a direct descendant of any Castor...Custer ancestor.

If you are intrested in participating contact the DNA Project Coordinator.

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