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March 2009
News Caster: DNA Project - DNA Testing Update
December 2008
News Caster: Upgraded Test Data provides new markers
September 2008
News Caster: Four Haplogroups Defined
March 2008
News Caster: Paulus Kusters DNA Family now has 20 members
December 2007
Update: Moving to FTDNA             News Caster: DNA Project Update
September 2007
Update: Relative Genetics - Ancestry             News Caster: John Caster Sr. DNA Family
December 2006
News Caster: Three DNA Families Defined
September 2006
Update: Use or Not Use Markers 464a-g             News Caster:22 Participants in I1c and R1b
July 2006
Update: What do the Results show? - Haplogroups -July 2006
June 2006
News Caster: 4 DNA Results Returned—All Related -June 2006
March 2006
CAOA DNA Study Underway
  E3b      Semitic
  I           Nordic
  I1c       Nordic      22,000-23,000 years ago on the European continent in the area of what is Germany today.
  I2b       European, about 22000 years ago
  J2         Semitic
  Q3       Native Americans
  R1a      Eastern Europe
  R1b      Western Europe      35,000 to 40,000 years ago on the European continent (border of Spain and France today and in the British Islands

The CAOA DNA Project is open to any person who is a direct descendant of any Castor...Custer ancestor.
If you are interested in participating contact the   DNA Project Coordinator

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