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William Custard 1810-1895

     William Custard was born about 1810 in Ohio. He left Ohio about 1844 or earlier to settle in Travis County, Texas.
     He married 3 February 1844 Mary Ann Bell. They had three children. After Mary died 1 October 1851, William married 22 May 1855 Clarinda Stanfield in Travis County, Texas. Clarinda was born in 1838 in Tennessee.
     William was a farmer.
     He died 12 September 1895 in Travis County, Texas, and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis County, Texas.
     There is a story that part of a Custer family in Ohio broke away from the others and started using the name Custard. There may be some truth to it since it is reported that Lula E. Custard and Hiram Custard started using      Custer before they died.

      More information about William Custard and his family can be found in the September and December 2006 News Casters. Contact caoaboard@caoa-gen.org about receiving these back issues.

Children of William and Mary:   1.William Custard born 1847 TX; married Mary Strickland; died 16 June 1918 Kosse, Limestone County, TX.
  2. Mary Custard born 1849 TX; married H. Clay Eanes 6 May 1868 Travis County, TX.
  3. Walter Allen Custard born 1851 TX; married Martha Townsend 10 July 1873 Travis County, TX.

Children of William and Clarinda:
  4. Susan Custard born May 1856 TX; married Benjamin Marshall Little.5 May 1872 Travis County, TX; died 1936 Upshur, TX.
  5. Catherine Custard born 28 September 1857; married James Madison Little 29 May 1872 Travis County, TX; died 17 December 1934 Ada, Pontotoc County, OK.
  6. Cornelia Custard born about 1858 TX; married James M Townsend 22 January 1874 Travis County, TX.
  7. Bettie Custard born about 1861 TX; married J Willard 28 September 1877 Travis County, TX.
  8. Daniel Custard born about 1862 TX; died when thrown from a horse.
  9. Seth Custard born about 1863 TX; married Annie I. Pollack 30 May 1894 Williamson County, TX.
10. Charles Custard born January 1864 TX .
11. Hiram Custard born about 1866 TX; married Sallie Reace 14 June 1891 Williamson County, TX.
12. Clark Custard born about 1868 TX. 13. Lula E Custard born 19 October 1870 in Austin, Texas; married Samuel Harrison Dickey 20 Janauary 1887 Williamson County, TX; died 6 May 1938 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
14. Ellen Custard born 6 October 1873 TX; died at

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