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      Each ancestor listed, is the oldest known ancestor of the person who took the test. Some of the oldest ancestor's may or may not be the correct ancestor. Without more test results it is too soon to know who the common ancestor is. As soon as there are enough results to make a determination of who the possible common ancestor is, it will be shared.
Caster - Castor - Cursiter - Custer- Gerster - Kastor -Kester - Keister - Koester - Kuster
Germany, Maryland, Ohio, Orkney Islands, Saratov, Switzerland
Ancestor Haplogroup Test Results Lineage Chart Bio # of Tests
Possible Signatures in Haplogroup E
Jacob Kastor 1857-// E1b1b1 JJK.0 Descendants Bio 1
German Ancestors E1b1b1 PDK.0 Descendants Bio 1
Possible Signatures in Haplogroup G
Unknown Ancestors G RKU.0 Descendants Bio 1
Possible Signatures in Haplogroup I
Paulus Kuster 1644-c1706 I2b1 PK.0 Descendants Bio 15
Frederick Keister 1730-1814 I2b1 FK.0 Descendants Bio 1
Thomas Castor 1770-1840 I2b THC.0 Descendants Bio 1
Possible Signatures in Haplogroup J
German Ancestors J2 WK.0 Descendants Bio 1
Possible Signatures in Haplogroup R
Robert Cursiter 1754 Scotland R1b1b2a1ba RC.0 Descendants Bio 1
Christopher Koester 1834-1907 R1b1b2 CK.0 Descendants Bio 1
Unknown Ancestor R1b1b2 WHCA.0 Descendants Bio 1
William L. Castor 1814-1893 R1b1b2 WL.0 Descendants Bio 1
Unknown Ancestor R1b1b2 RiK.0 Descendants Bio 1
John George Kester //-1790 R1b1b2 JGKes.0 Descendants Bio 1
WCust. James William Custer 1890-1979 (adopted) R1b1b2 JWCu.0 Descendants Bio 1
Heini Gerster 1688-// Switzerland R1b1b2 HG.0 Descendants Bio 2
Levi Castor 1818-// orphaned R1b1c LvCa.0 Descendants   1
   Each line has a designator "PK.0" assigned to the oldest known ancestor. The numbers following the alpha designator represents the birth order of each descendant.
     PK.0 is Paulus Kuster the oldest anscestor.
        PK.0.01 is Arnold Kuster who is the first child of PK.0 (Paulus).
           PK.0.01.04 is Nicholas Custer who is the 4th child of PK.0.01 (Arnold)

Castor - Caster - Coster - Custard - Custer - Gerster - Kaster - Keister - Kester
Kiester - Kistard - Kister - Koester - Koster - Kuester - Kustard - Kusterd - Kuster
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