The pupose of these pages is to present the research of Chester E. Custer as he presented it. As time allows I will add updates in the form of a CAOA Archive note. In some instances I have added biography information from the CAOA Archive Files and the bio's will be marked accordingly.

Chester E. Custer, one of the earliest members of the Castor Association of America, compiled 32 Volumes of Custer/Custard Family Data in the form of family group sheets. The data has been published in Spiral bound books and is available from the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake City.

I believe that Chester was doing his research in the early 1900's.(I will look this up) As such a lot of the data he has is what he found at the time and now years later the information has been updated. It will take time to add the updates. If there is a question or corrections email the webmaster, who will be happy to help answer the question and or update the pages as needed.

There is a slight problem with some people not showing up. TMG has a "Flag" for establishing whether a person in living or deceased. Second Site uses this flag to determine whether or not to place a person online.  The values for living are a "?" mark or a "Y". Many of the people do not have any date of birth or death so each person that does not have a "N" for not living must be examined and updated. It is being worked on and as each volume is completed it will be marked with [all 99 included], 99 being the number of people in that volume. 35,000+ people to go.

Thanks to Thomas Kneeshaw who dedicated several years to inputting the data into PAF, which made it possible to share the data on this web site.