Castor Association of America

The Castor Association Bylaws.


General Provisions

Section 1

The purpose of the Association is educational, through the promotion,discovery and preservation of genealogy and history.

Section 2

The fiscal year of the Association shall end at midnight on December 31st of each hear.


Functions of the association

Section 1

The Association will publish and circulate to its members an informative newsletter that is well documented in a timely manner.

Section 2

The Association will assist members and other parties in supporting events to promote the genealogical research.

Section 3

The Board shall meet annually to conduct Association business.

Article iii.


Section 1

Membership is open to all that have an interest in genealogy or history.

Section 2

The Board shall establish membership dues.

Section 3

The newsletter shall be sent to each member.

article iv.


Section 1

The President shall establish a nominating committee to identify members willing to serve as officers of the Association.

Section 2

The association will notify all members in a timely manner by mail at their last known address of the upcoming election and the slate of officers.

Section 3

The following Officers shall be elected for a two-year period. The Term of elected Officers shall begin on July 1st of the even year, and Expire on June 30th of the even year.

  1. The President will conduct and oversee all business of the Association.
  2. The Vice President will work closely with the President and be able to take over the duties of president should the President not be able to do so.
  3. the Recording Secretary will keep the minutes of the Board, and General Meeting and summary report of the General Meeting in the newsletter following such meeting.
  4. The Treasurer will establish accounting practices and policies, and supervise the receipt and distributing of funds and the accounting. An annual accounting is to be published in the first newsletter of the following fiscal year.
Section 4

Any vacancy occurring among the officers and Trustees may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by a selection made by the majority of the Board.

Section 5

The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers and the appointed positions of Editor and Archive Coordinator, and will meet once a year. They will confer an any other time necessary to the interests of the Association.

The following Positions shall be appointed as needed.

  1. The Editor will publish the newsletter.
  2. The Archive Coordinator will oversee the genealogical information and maintain the archives.
Section 6

All business and elections will be held at the yearly Meeting with those present deciding the issues by majority vote. Any item for business may be submitted from the floor, or from any member not in attendance by means of a written communication to the Recording Secretary prior to the yearly meeting. Any item submitted for business must be seconded from the floor.

article v.


Section 1

These Bylaws may be supplanted, amended, or repealed by the Affirmative vote of a majority of the members casting a vote. All members in good standing will be offered the opportunity to vote.