Robert Cursitter 1750-//

Robert Cursitter was born in the mid 1700's in Cross Parish, Sanday [Scotland]. He married Jean Cursitter (Cursitter was her maiden and married name). He was a sailor.

Robert and Jean's only recorded child (parish records) was Robert born February 1, 1778 in Cross Parish. He married Janet Fotheringshame and had three children Robert (b1800), Margaret (b1802) and William (b1811).

He died in Cross parish on January 25, 1855 - "waiting just long enough" to be included in the newly mandatory civil death records. His death record (rich in information - the norm for 1855, the first year of recording) proved his parentage and confirmed that he had only three children. It stated that "he was born in Cross parish and he had lived there all his life".