Noah Castor 1764-1829

Noah Castor was born in 1764 at Brock's Gap, Augusta County, Virginia. His birth date is computed from his age at death, as found on his tombstone (see below). It is known from census data that Noah was born between 1755 and 1765.

Haine's History of Hamilton County, Indiana states that Noah was "one of thirty children born to Conrad Castor, who lived at Brock's Gap, Virginia." However, some researchers tend to think that he was a son of Conrad's son, Arnold, and perhaps became a ward of Conrad after Arnold died in March 1759. If this is true then Noah could not have been born in 1764, but must have been born in 1758.

Rockingham County Court Order Book 15, page 534 on 16 August 1774 orders, "Noah Custard to bound to Paul Custard and Arnold Custard to Conrad Custard (son of Arnold Custer, son of Conrad) by the Chruch wardens of Augusta Parish according to law." This is the same court date that Conrad Custer's estate was settled by selling his land to Paul Custer.

Noah appeared on the 1787 tax list of Monongalia County, Virginia. He is listed as having 50 acres adjacent to Deep Hollow of the East Cheat River in Monongalia County. Unfortunately, no date is attached to this land entry.

Noah married Recbecca Matheny about 1785, probably in Monongalia County, Virginia. Rebecca was born 12 February 1767. There are several Matheny families living in the area, but it appears that Nathan Matheny may be Rebecca's father.

Noah is also thought to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War. A copy of a application for the National Sons of the American Revolution is on file in the Association Archives. The proof of Noah's service is listed as Volume II, page 86, Soldiers in the American Revolution who Lived in Ohio. No primary evidence of his service has been found.

Noah is listed in 1790 census of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County as Noah Custard. Noah testified in a Court case in Allegheny County in September 1791. In 1791 he was taxed in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County. In 1800 and 1810 he is enumerated in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He is taxed in North Sewickley Township, Beaver County, as Noah Kester, from 1803 to 1814. The family left pennsylvania in 1814 and settled in Green Township, Richland County, Ohio ( in the portion that later became part of Ashland County). They lived on the Black Fork, which is part of the Virginia Military District School Lands. When the Virginia Military District was set up in southern Ohio, no land was set aside to benefit schools. So, surplus land in Richland County was designated school lands of the Virginia Military District. This land could only be leased from the State of Ohio at first, and Noah had a 99 year lease. It was later sold to individuals with the funds going to the State of Ohio to pay for schools.

Noah was taxed 5 July 1817 for roads in Richland County at $1.20. In 1819, Noah sold two pieces of land in Richland County, one to Isaac Jones and the other to John Hull. The land sold to Isaac Jones had been originally benn titled in the name of Sampson Castor, "the monor son of Noah." Noah died 29 July 1829 and is buried at Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Perrysville, Green Twp of Ashland County, Ohio. When Gaylord Castor visited the cemetery in 1984, there was no readable gravestone for Noah. However, an earlier reading of the cemetery found on microfilm lists a reading of the gravestone with the date of death and his age at the time of death.

In 1837 a law suit was filed by Nathan DeHaven, a neighbor, against Noah's heirs. He claimed that a contract had been made between him and Noah for the sale and puchase of the NE1/4 Section 28 T20R16 of the Virginia Military School Land and wanting the rest of the money owed him. Rebecca Castor quit claimed this land to Benjamin Castor 14 October 1839.

Sometime after 1830 Rebecca went to Hamilton County, Indiana to live with Frederick and Nancy Harger. She died 22 August 1848 and was buried at the Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery.

Their children:

  1. Nathan Castor born 1786 PA; married Freelove Castor (daughter of JC.0 John Caster Sr.) about 1810; died before 1850.
  2. Susan Castor born 16 August 1792 PA; married John McDole 1810; married George Castor 5 March 1848 Hamilton County, IN; died 8 August 1866,buried Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery, Wayne Township,Hamilton County, IN.
  3. Conrad Castor born 9 December 1789 Beaver County, PA; married Anna McDaniel 1814; died May 1871 Ashland County, OH, buried Old Perrysville Cemetery, Ashland County, OH.
  4. Uriah Castor born 1790-1800 PA; married Betsy Hunter 27 February 1824, living Hamilton County, IN 1840.
  5. Sampson Castor born about 1800 PA, died in St Louis, Missouri prior to 1880.
  6. Rachel Castor born about 1801 PA; married Joseph Guin/Gwinn, living Cass County, Michigan 1850.
  7. Ruth Castor born 29 November 1806 PA; married Datus Ensign Studley about 1830 OH; died 15 May 1872, buried Woodward Cemetery, Lapel, IN.
  8. Nancy Castor born 24 December 1807 Beaver County, PA; married Frederick Harger 18 November 1825 OH; died 20 February 1869 IN.
  9. Benjamin Castor born 1809 Beaver County, PA; married Elizabeth Van 1829; married Louisa Herr 28 January 1869; died 14 Decmeber 1881, buried Old Perrysville Cemetery, Ashland County, OH.