John Caster Sr 1754-1822

John Caster, Sr. was born in 1754 in Pennsylvania. The tradition that John served in the Revolutionary War has not been subtantiated Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, vol 22 shows a John Custard on Tax List of 1781 in Peters Township of Washington County, and a John Caster on Tax List of 1786 on Manallen Township of Fayette County. Is this the same John? He did live for awhile in what later became known as Mercer County, Pennsylvania -- this was about 1790. From 1803 through 1810 according to tax lists he was in Beaver County, North Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania.

John married Hannah McDonald. She was born about 1763, daughter of John and Johanna McDonald. Her parents lived in Peters Township of Washington County, Pa, where her father operated a general store at Bell-Mont, and a boat packet on the Monongahela River, Peters Creek, Pigeon Creek an Mingo Creek.

John and Hannah sold 400 acres in Beaver County to Sampson Peirsol and this was recorded 7 October 1807 (actual transaction probably took place 1803 or earlier). In 1811 they moved to Wayne County, Ohio and lived near Benton in Salt Creek Township. John died in Wayne County, Ohio and his Will is dated 21 November 1822, and probated 24 November 1823. John died either in late 1822 or in 1823 before 21 November.

His wife, Hannah, and son, George, were named executrix and executor of his estate. Hannah survived John and was still in Holmes County, Ohio in 1830. She later went to Hamilton County, Indiana. George Caster, her son, was named 2 May 1841 executor of John's estate by the Hamilton County Probate Court because of her inability to serve as executrix. In December 1843, her son Sampson Caster, asked the Hamilton County Court to appoint a guardian for her, and John Hamilton was so appointed. In January 1844 she sold her land in Ohio. Hannah died 1 September 1845 at the age of 82 years and is buried at the Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Their children:

  1. George Castor born 28 March 1784 in Pennsylvania; married 1808 Elizabeth McDonnal in Beaver County, Pa, married 5 March 1848 Susana (Castor) McDole in Hamilton County, Indiana; died 20 October 1876 in Hamilton County, Indiana.
  2. McDonald Castor born 1790 in what was later to be known as Mercer County, Pa.; married 3 September 1818 Sarah Healy and lived in Holmes County, Ohio near Benton; died 2 February 1874 and is buried at Fryburg Cemetery.
  3. Margaret Castor born May or June 1788 (based on tombstone); married 30 December 1813 John Hamilton in Wayne County, Ohio; died 20 October 1837 at age 49 years, 4 months [rest of stone broken off] in Holmes County, Ohio, buried at Caanan Baptist Cemetery.
  4. Freelove Castor born 5 October 1791 in Pa.; married about 1810 Nathan Castor (son of Noah Castor 1764-1829); died 22 February 1869, buried at Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana.
  5. Thomas Castor born about 1792; married Sarah Wolgamott, lived in Holmes County, Ohio; died 31 July 1873 in Holmes County.
  6. John Castor Jr born 1795; married about 1816 Elizabeth Bell, lived in Holmes County, Ohio, settled in 1841 in Daviess County, Missouri; died 1876 and is buried at Old Union Cemetery in Daviess County.
  7. Reason Castor born 1797 in Pa; married 2 December 1826 Esther Clark, lived in Holmes County, Ohio, later in Hamilton County, Indiana; died December 1874.
  8. Rebecca Castor born about 1797 in Pennsylvania; married 1 September 1818 Arnold Castor (son of Arnold Custard) in Wayne County, Ohio; died 1873 in Johnson County, Kansas, buried at Olathe Memorial Cemetery, Johnson County, Kansas.
  9. Susanna Castor born 1800 in Pa; married 15 February 1818 James French in Wayne County, Ohio; died 8 February 1872 in Hudson, Ohio, buried at East Cemetery, Millersburg, Ohio.
  10. achel Castor born 21 December 1804; married 16 November 1824 John Robbins (John, son of Amos Robbins. John Robbins married 3 June 1824 Catherine Lukes, daughter of John Luke Sr. Apparently, Catherine died shortly thereafter.); died 12 March 1880 at Brandon, Jackson County, Iowa.
  11. Sampson Caster born 10 April 1805 in Pa.; married 15 March 1827 Elizabeth Knowl in Holmes County, Ohio, married 29 May 1845 Martha J Ross; died 30 January 1882 in Gentry County, Missouri, buried in Carter Cemetery.
  12. Nancy Castor born about 1808 in Pa; married 27 (January?) 1831 James S Beall; died 1890, buried at Prairie Baptist Church Cemetery.
  13. William Caster born 1811; married 23 February 1837 Mary A Nowles in Holmes County, Ohio, they lived in Hamilton County, Indiana; died probably in 1870.