Heini Gerster 1688-//

Heini Gerster son of Hans Joggi Garster and Barbara Jausslin was baptized on 15 January 1688 in Switzerland. {Heini is a familiar form of Heinrich which is equivalent to Henry in English. Joggi is a familiar form of Jacob. Gerster seems to have evolved into Garster, Caster, and Gaster in America.}

Heini married Anna Weissin. Anna daughter of Hans Weis and Anna Buser was baptized 20 October 1695 in Switzerland. Her parents Hans and Anna were married 28 January 1679). They were from Thurnen.

Heini and Anna lived in Thurnen, Canton of Basel, Switzerland. They left Switzerland in 1736 to go to the Carolinas in America. They paid an emigration tax on 1300 pounds of material and also paid a fee for manumission. It is believed they went to New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina where a Swiss colony had been established in 1705 by Christoph von Graffenried. There is a Craven County record in 1748 of Henry Caster paying taxes.

We do not know when Henry Caster died. His wife, Anna, appears to have survived him and married Frederick Listler. We suspect that Litsler is a corruption of Lutzler, and Frederick Litsler is perhaps another Swiss immigrant -- Lutzler is a name found in the same area of Basel. The 1759 Rowan County (North Carolina) tax list shows Fredk Letcher in the proximity of the residences of Casters, Treeces, and others associated with the lineage, and it is assumed this is Frederick Litzler. A land grant was made to Frederick Leslier 7 January 1761 on [Dutch] Second Creek, and this further places Frederick in the same area. Frederick died a short time before 14 July 1767, the date that his will was probated in Rowan County. In 1768, Anna conveys the same land grant obtained by Frederick Litsler to her son, Jacob. Anna died a short time before 4 November 1783, the date that her will was probated in Rowan County. Her will names Henry Garster, Barbara Garster alias Care, Annah Garster alias Mills, Frone Garster alias Wallis, and Jacob Garster. Jacob Garster was executor of the estate.

Their children:

  1. Barbara Gerster/Garster baptized 20 March 1718 in Switzerland; married Captain Benjamin Beverett, married second Joseph Carr.
  2. Anna Gerster/Garster baptized 21 January 1720 in Switzerland; married William Mills of Onslow County.
  3. Verena "Frone" Gerster/Garster baptized 13 June 1724 in Switzerland; married Andrew Wallace, may have married second Nicholas Rimer.
  4. Heinrich/Henry Gerster/Garster/Gaster/Caster baptized 13 April 1727 in Switzerland; married Wilmouth _______; died 4 December 1804 in Moore County, North Carolina at the age of 78.
  5. Jacob Garster/Caster born in North Carolina; married Christina _________; died August 1809 in Rowan County, North Carolina.