Frederick Keister 1730-1814

Frederick Keister was born in 1730. It is believed he was born in the Palatinate, and arrived 1737 in Philadelphia with his father, Friederich Kiester, aboard the ship Virginus Grace.

"Rupp's list of immigrants to the port of Philadelphia includes: 'September 24, 1737, Palatines imported on the ship Virginus Grace, John Bull, Master, first from Cowes. In all 225: Friederich Kiester' "The Pennsylvania Archives records the same: 'List of foreigners imported in the ship Virginus Grace, John Bull, Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified September 24, 1737: Frederick Kiester.' "Boyd B Stutler and Roybird Cook, both descendants of Frederick Keister, and distinguished historians, authors, and collectors of West Virginia History, were of the opinion that the Friederich Kiester mentioned in both lists of immigrants to Philadelphia, was the father of our Pendleton County Frederick. Friederich Kiester took the oath of allegiance to the King of England as a colonist, at Philadelphia on the same day he landed, and made a settlement in York County, Pennsylvania. "Frederick of Pendleton was naturalized at Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia in 1762, as shown by court records. According to family records, and borne out by the period of his activity, this Frederick was born about 1730, which would make him seven years old at the time of his landing -- too young to be sworn in."

By 1753, he located on the South Branch of the Potomac in Rockingham County, Virginia (now Pendleton County, West Virginia). Court records show that in 1753, Frederick Keister made a survey in the Walnut Bottom of the North Fork. Frederick married 1755 Hannah Dyer. Hannah was born about 1735 in Pennsylvania, daughter of Roger and Hannah (Green) Dyer. Roger and Hannah Dyer migrated from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Augusta County, Virgina (now Pendleton County, West Virginia) where Roger purchased land 4 Novmeber 1747. Roger was killed at the Ft. Seybert Massacre 28 April 1758. Hannah received 427 acres of land in Hampshire County from her father's will dated 24 February 1757, which was proved 21 March 1759.

In 1761, Frederick bought 256 acres of land adjoining his holding for #213.33. Frederick bought 67 acres of land 14 April 1761 on a branch of the Potomack adjoining his own land. Frederick received his certificate of oath of allegiance 18 May 1762. Frederick sold 35 acres of Little Walnut Bottom on the mountain between South Forks and South Branch of the Potowmack 17 August 1764 to George Fults. He served as a soldier in the Colonial Wars in the Augusta Militia. He served in the Revolution and qualified as Lieutenant 28 September 1778. He is listed as furnishing supplies in an account dated 29 May 1782.

Pendleton County Records show him as a voter in 1791, 1794 and 1795 -- they also show him on the land tax rolls for the years 1789, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1798, 1799, 1800, 1802, 1803 and 1804. Frederick died 1814, and was buried on his homestead in Pendleton County, West Virginia.

Today, the village of Brandywine stands on a part of the Keister farm. The tombstone of his wife, Hannah Dyer Keister, shows she died 181__, the last figure is chipped from the stone. Hannah was still living in 1815, so she died between 1815 and 1820.

Their children:

  1. James Keister born 1756; married Elizabeth Jane Davis; died 12 June 1834.
  2. Hannah Keister born about 1757; married George Hull about 1786; died 1837.
  3. Sarah Keister born 1762; married Burton Blizzard (he was born 1757) December 1780; died 17 March 1837.
  4. Esther Keister married Adam Hull; died 1836.
  5. Mary Keister married Gabriel Kile/Kyle 1797.
  6. Frederick Keister, Jr born 1774; married Anne E Propst 1791, married Malinda Grim or Green/Belinda Gum/Grim 3 June 1851Highland County, VA; died 1857.
  7. George Keister born 5 February 1776; married Susannah Peck 18 February 1800, married Mary Ann Jordan 12 October 1843; died 18 July 1854.
  8. Elizabeth Keister married Henry Hull.