Daniel H Caster 1838-1917

Daniel H Caster was born 13 September 1838 in Holmes County, Ohio.

Daniel came in 1843 to Van Buren County, Iowa with his parents. In 1853, he came to Appanoose County and settled in Caldwell Township.

Daniel married 16 November 1860 Margaret "Maggie" Clinkenbeard in Appanoose County, Iowa. Margaret was born 1 April 1841 in Iowa, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Mary Jane (Metcalf) Clinkenbeard.

He enlisted as a private 16 September 1861 in Company B, 5th Regiment of Kansas Volunteers at Fort Leavenworth. (later transferred to Company H, 5th Regiment Kansas Cavalry), and served under Colonel Powell Clayton. Daniel was promaoted to Corporal 4 March 1862. He was promoted to Sergeant 8 October 1862. He was in the engagements at Helena, Pine Ridge, Cotton Plant, Little Rock, Marks Mills, Augustus, Arkansas, LeGrange and Oaks Plantation. According to his military record, he was 5' 9" tall, had a fair complexion, eyes were dark, and had red hair. He was discharged 8 December 1864 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

For a short time, Daniel and family lived in Van Buren County, but soon returned to Appanoose County where they farmed in Caldwell Township. In 1900, they retired from farming and moved to Centerville.

Margaret died 14 February 1913.

Daniel married 12 October 1913 Sarah Richardson at Exline, Iowa. Sarah was born about 1846. Daniel died 22 October 1917. Daniel and Margaret were buried at the Oakland Cemetery, Centerville, Iowa.

Their children:

  1. Abraham Lincoln Caster born 2 February 1861 in Appanoose (or Van Buren?) County, Iowa; married 22 August 1885 Lola M Farnsworth; died 5 November 1940.
  2. Elmer Ellsworth Caster born 9 November 1865 in Van Buren County, Iowa; married 21 March 1897 Laura Belle Caldwell, married 7 August 1933 Helen Lockman; died 29 March 1946 at Exline, Iowa.
  3. Joseph William Caster born 27 March 1867 in Appanoose County,Iowa; married 27 April 1890 Sylvia Nancy Simmons; died 11 April 1921 at Centerville, Iowa, buried at Oakland Cemetery.
  4. Charles E Caster born 27 February 1869 in Iowa; married 29 August 1891 Mattie May Ellis, married 17 June 1933 Martha E Sheltz; 26 January 1939 in Exline, buried at Exline Cemetery.
  5. Henry W Caster born 31 December 1871 in Exline, Iowa; married about 1899 Laura M Reed, served in the Spanish-American war in Company E, 50th Iowa Regiment; died 14 December 1952 in Seattle, Washington.
  6. Carl L Caster born 4 January 1873 in Iowa; served in the Spanish-American war in the 49th Iowa Regiment and went to Cuba; married Amanda Robley. 7. George W Caster born 12 February 1875 in Appanoose County, Iowa; married 11 November 1900 Alice L Leslie in Centerville; died 5 March 1933 at Centerville.
  7. Harlan Ray Caster born 8 April 1879 in Iowa; married 20 April 1900 Leona Oden; died 13 February 1950 at Exline, Iowa, buried at Exline Cemetery.
  8. Leroy Caster born 30 December 1881 in Exline, Appanoose County; served in the Spanish-American war in the 18th Regiment of the U S Regular Army and went to the Philippine Islands; married about 1903 Daisy Harvey, was railroad brakeman; died 20 May 1908 at Weldon, railraod accident, buried at Oakland Cemetery, Centerville, Iowa. (Did they have a daughter, Daisy?)(widow Daisy married 3 Oct 1912 D E McCannon).
  9. Harry C Caster born March 1884 in Appanoose County, Iowa; was a railroad brakemen, lived at Chickasha, Indian Territory; died 5 November 1940 at Flint, Michigan.