PK.0 Paulus Kuster 1644-c1708

Paulus Kusters was born circa 1644 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. His parents Arnold and Catherine (Von Haren) Kuesters were Roman Catholics. He was a Roman Catholic, but later became a member of the Kaldenkirchen Reformed Church. (The Kaldenkirchen Church is also referred to as the Evangelical Church and the Dutch Reformed Church.)

Paulus was a stone mason (from his will) and a farmer. He married Gertrude Doors, daughter of Theis Doors and Agnes //, on 16 Oct 1668 at the Evangelical Church in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. Their marriage is recorded in the Parochial Register of the Reformed Congregation in Kaldenkirchen.

The records show that he bought 50 acres of land sometime between 1689, when Genny Bucholtz owned the land and 3 October 1704 when the Deed of Sale was acknowledged in the Court of Records at Germantown. The land was Parcel B of the Frankford Land Company, Lot 13.

Paulus appears on a 1693 tax list as head of the family residing in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Their son Mathias's twin daughters, Gerdruet and Agnes were baptized in Krefeld, Germany on 10 December 1696. Gertrude was a witness to the ceremony. Paulus was chosen on 2 Dec 1700 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; as a Committeeman of the Germantown Corporation.

He died before 23 Feb 1708 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. His estate included household goods for the bedroom of a feather bed with two cushions and one pillow. For the kitchen he had pewter work, earthren ware, an iron pot, griddle iron, a kettle, a kitchen pan, a, table, a chair, and a cupboard. He also left working tools of a churn, a milk pail and tin, a sieve, two old axes, hoe, grubbing, hoe, spade, a sickle and hammer with a masons tool. He also had two cows. There were two bells, which may have be worn by the cows. There was also a washing fat tub and two half barrels.

The estate inventory of Paulus shows he remained in Germantown, and pursued the trade of mason as well as being a farmer. It is evident that they made butter from milk and probably had a garden. From the estate it seems that there was very little furniture compared to what we have today.

Their children:

  1. Arnold Kusters was born in 1669 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. He married Gertrudt Conrads on 24 Jun 1691 in the Krefeld Evangelical Reformed Church in Krefeld, Germany. He married Rebecca // before 1695 in Pennsylvania. Arnold died in 1739 in Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County was Philadelphia County when Arnold died.). He was buried at the Manatawney Cemetery (Mennonite), Pennsylvania.
  2. Johannes Kuster was also known as Kester and Koster. He was born in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. He emigrated to Germantown, Pennsylvania before 1691. Johannes was a Quaker and a member of the Abington Monthly Meeting. He was naturalized on 7 May 1691 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Cassell on 31st day, 8th month (October) 1692 at the Abington Monthly Meeting in Abington, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

    In 1693, He and Elizabeth Koster were living in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Soon thereafter, they returned to Germantown. He served as the Constable in Germantown in 1695-1697, 1700, and 1706.

    Another family account recalls that one of the tracts given to Johannes was an entire township in Eastern Pennsylvania near Plymouth and White Marsh, and that title was lost to squatters. He bought land at Skippack, Pa in 1704.

    Johannes was a Burgess of Germantown in 1707. He lived most of his life in Germantown. It appears that Johannes had purchased some land with Matthias Van Bebber and John Umstat. Later he and Matthias sold their shares to John Umstat.

    He died in Germantown in the fall of 1708, six months after the death of his father. He did not leave a will. Letters of Administration were granted to his widow, Elizabeth, 23 October 1708. There is a petition that was presented to the court on 11 Aug 1709 by Joshua Grainger. It has something to do with the deed to some land. The copy is so bad that the main parts of the document are missing.

  3. Matthias Kusters was also known as Matthys Kuster. He was baptized on 6 Dec 1671 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany, He was baptized by Johann Melchoir. He married Margaretha Hupps/Huppen on 6 Nov 1695 at the Reformed Church in Krefeld, Germany.
  4. Elizabeth Kuster was born between 1674 and 1677.
  5. Reiner Kusters was baptized on 2 Dec 1674 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany, He was baptized by Johann Melchoir. His baptismal record states that his father was a Roman Catholic and his mother had been a member of the Reformed Church. His mother was "for a period of time unable to use her mental faculties." His mother's parents, Theiss and Agnes Doors, promised to assume responsibility for the child in her behalf.
  6. Anna Kuster was baptized on 26 Dec 1677 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany, Arnold Theodor Scriba was the pastor at the time.[It does not say if he performed the baptism].
  7. Hermanus Kuesters was born in 1681.
  8. Hermanus Streypers Custer/Kuster. He was baptized in Mar 1682 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. Hermanus and his brother Arnold, were both very active Mennonites in Pennsylvania. A log church was built sometime between 1703 and 1708 for the Mennonites, and Arnold, Elizabeth and Hermanus Kuster were among the members then. He married Civilla/Isabella B. Conrad in 1706 in Pennsylvania . They were married in the Mennonite Church.

    Hermanus, Arnold Kusters,Petter Kuster and Herman Gotshalk and William Dewees were among those who signed a petition to set the boundaries of New Hanover Township in 1735. Letters of Administration were granted to Hermanus from his brother Arnold on 22 December 1739 after Arnold's death.

    Hermanus died at age 77 on 1 Feb 1760 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  9. Catrin Kuster was baptized on 9 Mar 1687 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany, Arnold Hamboch was the pastor at the time.[It does not say if he performed the baptism].
  10. Margaret Koster was born circa 1690. She married Cornelius DeWees circa 1708.
  11. Eva Kuster was born circa 1688. She married Godschalk Godschalk in 1713. She died after 1748.