Castor Association of America


The Castor Association's Archive is a significant repository of family history for various family groups. The information in the Archives started arriving from members before 1981 and continues to grow as members continue to contribute. The Archives contain many years of research including:


(The archive Notebooks contain information on the different lines that the CAOA is following. these notebooks are not loaned out.)

It is a continuing process to organize and enter the data in computers. The original files were as hard copies until they were moved to an Apple IIe, and converted to a ASCII format in 1992. Since 2000 the Archive Coordinator has been moving the data into the genealogy program The Master Genealogist for easier access when organizing files.


Queries can be sent by Email to the Archive Coordinator. Please include as much information as possible with names, places and dates.

Arrangements can be made with the CAOA Archive Coordinator if you wish to view them in person.