This index includes information from the files found in the CAOA Archives for John George Castor who was born on 5 March 1710 in Basle, Switzerland and died on 29 December 1797 in Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Data Entry by: E. Sissell long time member of the CAOA.
Web Site created by: Second Site from data merged into The Master Genealogist by the CAOA Archive Coordinator/Web Master
People entries in the project: 61
People entries in the web site: 58, living people are not included.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. There are a few additions and corrections. The majority of the data is "as is found in the book".

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Abbreviations used throughout this site:
     h/o husband of
     w/o wife of
     c/o child of
     s/o son of
     d/o daughter of
     (S1) source #
      s (say) used as a prefix to a date indicates an estimated date by the Archive Coordinator.
      c (circa) used as a prefix to a date indicates an estimated date found in the file.

Each line has an alpha designator (LID) which is assigned to the oldest known ancestor.
The numbers following the alpha designator (LID) represents the birth order of each ancestor (DID).
     JGC.0 is John Gerster the oldest anscestor.
     JGC.0.01 is John George Castor who is the first child of JGC.0 (John).
     JGC.0.01.01 is George Castor who is the first child of JGC.0.01 (John George).

Abbreviations used in the (L)ine(ID)(D)escendent(ID):
     -S = Spouse
     -S1; -S2 = first spouse; second spouse
     -SF; S1F; = S2F spouse's father
     -SM; S1M; S2M = spouse's mother
     -S-1S = spouse's first husband/wife
     -S1-1S = first spouse's first spouse (ancestor may be the 2nd, 3rd spouse)