Chester Custer, one of the earliest members of the Castor Association of America, compiled 32 volumes about the descendants of Custers and Custards. In an effort to tie some of the 200+ families the CAOA is tracking, volunteer members of the CAOA are entering data into their favorite genealogy software and sending it to the Archive Coordinator who then moves it into TMG. In this case the data is from Chester's 32 volumes of family group sheets

Index includes:
PK.0 Paulus Kuster 1644-c1706
Vol 26 Descendants of PK.0.01.03 George Custer c1705-1756
Vol 18 Descendants of PK. Jonathan Custer 1767-1823 See also: Preservation Partners

JGK.0 Johann George Kuster c1730-// York County, Pennsylvania
Vol 27 Descendants of JGK.0.01 Abraham Custard c1750-1819
Vol 21 Descendants of JGK.0.02.08 Michael Custer c1795-b1880

Vol 28 Descendants of TCU.0 Tobias Custer 1710-1765 Switzerland Parts 1-4
Vol 31 Descendants of FC.0 John Custer 1785-1823 Morgan County, Virginia
Vol 32 Descendants of JMSCU.0 James Custer 1774-1827

Data Entry by: T. Kneeshaw long time member of the CAOA.
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People entries in the project: 8174   in the Index: 4786,   living people are not included 3388.